Brad Carty’s English Teaching Services

BradCarty_PhotoBrad teaches a range of Business English skills, including:

  • Meetings in English
  • Presentations in English
  • E-mails and reports in English
  • Telephoning and tele-conferences in English
  • Career-specific training (e.g., marketing, sales, IT, finance, retail, logistics, real estate, medical)
  • IELTS preparation
  • Interviewing skills and CV corrections
  • Thesis and dissertation editing

In addition, Brad teaches basic English skills such as grammar, pronunciation & intonation, and listening (including a review of dialect differences within English).

Brad Carty received his Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from Seattle University in 2001. He has lived and worked in South Korea, the U.K. and Ireland, and has lived and worked in Ulm, Karlsruhe, Darmstadt & Düsseldorf, Germany. In addition, Brad has successfully developed techniques for online training. Brad has also taught Business English at the Universität Ulm and the Fachhochschule Neu-Ulm.

Brad received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University in 1984, and spent many years in the fields of sales and marketing. He is married with no children.

Brad is the author of 500+ Business English Idioms and 500+ Business English Phrasal Verbs, and also narrates the audiobook versions.

For more information about my approach to language teaching, please visit Brad’s Updates.

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