English Phrasal Verbs 22

Copyright Brad Carty 2020

Click "Next" to see a Business English phrasal verb, and try to remember the meaning. Then click "Next" again to see if you were correct. Then click "Next" for the next phrasal verb. If you want to skip a phrasal verb because you already know it, click the "Skip" button.
throw awayDispose of, or waste. We threw away two months of work on that bid.
come down toAlmost final result. The bidding has come down to us and one other company.
deal withSolve, make a decision. There are several problems we have to deal with in the meeting tomorrow.
hold onWait. The board of directors wants to expand into Mexico, but I think we should hold on for another year or two.
come intoInherit. She came into a lot of money when her uncle died.
pay backGet revenge. I'll pay him back for insulting me in the meeting!
take up onAccept an offer. He took me up on my suggestion that we have lunch.
turn aroundImprove. Business turned around in the 3rd quarter.
wear outBecome too old to function. The part wore out and we had to replace it.
lock outNot permitted to work. The negotiations between the company and the union failed, so the company locked out the workers.
clear outRemove a person or possessions. He was fired, and had to clear out his desk immediately.
stick toContinue with. It's very important that we stick to the plan.