Voiceovers in English from Germany

In addition to teaching English, I have been a professional voiceover artist for nearly 20 years. In January 2019, I recorded the English voice-over narration for a multi-media presentation at a major historical site in Saudi Arabia (see video below). I also work with ad agencies and audiobook publishers in Europe. I’ve done VO work for virtually every company I’ve worked for in the past two decades, usually for marketing and promotional spots, as well as narrating training materials.

★ Deep, resonant, authoritative voice
★ Good microphone and breathing control
★ Specializing in advertisements, documentary narration, instructional videos
★ Various American accents (including New York, Boston, Chicago, California & Deep South dialects)
★ I teach intonation, and can analyze a script very quickly for the correct emphasis
★ Golden Age Project R1 MK2 ribbon microphone; MOTU M2 Mixer; home studio
★ English language only

To discuss pricing and turnaround times, contact me at bradcarty{at}american-voiceover.com

Here are some samples of my work:

“Applicant Profile” — demo with original music
“Capitalista” — demo with original music
“Cool 98 Jazz” demo
Audiobook — “100 Entrepreneurship Quotes”
“Forest Fires PSA” — demo with original music
Website Instructions demo
“Green Gables” demo

Here is my narration for two different medical instruction videos:


“We hired Brad to provide the English narration for a multi-media presentation that is shown several times a day at a UNESCO World Heritage site in Saudi Arabia. Brad was well-prepared and conscientious about the pronunciation of Arabic names, and thoroughly professional in the studio. We hope to work with him again!” — Dirk van den Berg, CEO | director, producer, OutreMer Film GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Video of the Saudi Arabia project: